Stainless Steel Uses

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Easy to manipulate, non-corrosive, hygienic, easy to maintain, aesthetically appealing and durable under acidic as well as damp conditions – it’s no surprise that stainless steel is a favourite when it comes to industrial and commercial uses. So where exactly is stainless steel used?

Culinary Conquests

Steel manufacturers frequently supply stainless steel for culinary environments. Due its galvanic corrosion resistance and the fact that its surfaces are easily kept hygienic, stainless steel makes for an excellent compound to be used in kitchens. Sinks, extractor fans, cutlery and cookware are all common uses for stainless steel in kitchen environments. The aesthetic appeal of stainless steel finishes is also seeing its popularity rise in design and décor industries.


Engineering and Architectural Feats

The strength and resilience of stainless steel makes it one of the best metals to use in the fields of construction, engineering and architecture. Once again, corrosion resistance makes it a popular material for aeronautical, nautical, automobile and mechanical engineering – in fact, stainless steel was used in the construction of The Empire State Building.


Medical Mastery

Resistance to rust, chips, surface scratches and bacteria make stainless steel a necessity for sterile environments. Bacteria relies on moisture to thrive and multiply, which is why the inability for steel to absorb moisture makes it the perfect solution for sterile environments. Most surgical rooms contain large amounts of stainless steel. Hemostats, medical equipment, surgical tools and even temporary crowns used in dentistry are often made of stainless steel.

Have Your Own Use for Stainless Steel?

Regardless of what you will be using stainless steel for, outcomes such as corrosion-resistance, strength and durability, increased hygiene, ease of maintenance and fire resistance ensure that it is the perfect metal for any industrial and commercial purpose. Be sure to find a great supplier, or contact the team at Pure Stainless Steel Manufacturers and visit their website.


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