Angle Iron

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Angle Iron

Our mild steel angle iron is an L-shaped construction material that you can bolt together. The L-shape is always precisely 90 degrees to ensure its stability and ability to bear excessive pressure and weight. It can be used to build furniture, support structures, or shelves.

For furniture construction like chairs, beds and tables, angle iron is used to create the piece’s basic structure to provide strength and stability. This allows the product to withstand almost any condition of use.

When angle iron is used for containers, walls, and shelves, it again offers stability to the entire structure. Its shape will ensure that the construction will not bend, bow, or break. In addition, angle iron is easy to work with and can be welded or bolted together for even greater stability.

The thickness of the angle iron will determine the type of jobs it is used for. Smaller pieces are ideal where the amount of pressure and weight will be minimal. On the other hand, larger and thicker pieces are used for supporting beams of buildings that constantly bear massive weights.

Pure Stainless Steel Manufacturers can supply the sizes and thickness of angle iron you require, starting at 2 × 2 mm. In addition, we can also provide galvanised angle irons if needed.

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