What is High Definition Plasma Cutting

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High Definition Plasma Cutting
High Definition Plasma Cutting


It’s no secret that steel is notoriously difficult to shape and cut, it is a particularly resilient material, which means that specialised approaches need to be taken when using it for manufacturing. While there are a few ways to go about it, many available solutions still make it difficult to work with steel with any degree of accuracy and finesse. That’s where high definition plasma cutting machines come in. But what are they, how do they work, and what are the benefits of using one.

What is a Plasma Cutter?

By blowing gas through a small nozzle at high speeds while sending an electrical arc through it, the gas can be transformed into plasma. This plasma represents another state of matter, a mixture of liquid and gas that comes about when incredibly high temperatures are created. The plasma gets so hot, in fact, that it can easily and finely slice through metal. By using high-pressure air, the molten metal that results from the cut is blown away, leaving a fine line where the cut was made.

Where can HD Plasma Cutters be Used?

HD Plasma Cutters can be used for any application where steel needs to be cut and shaped with accuracy, and the machines can operate on steel of varying thickness. Typically, steel plates that are between 3mm and 25mm are ideal for this process, though with the right amperages, sheets of up to 76mm in thickness can be worked on.

Working with Accuracy

When working with steel there is little room for error, and any mistakes made could lead to project failures or expensive wastage when products have to be disposed of after mistakes. The accurate nature of HD plasma cutters means that there is less of a chance of botching any jobs, ensuring that each task is completed to perfection.

Facilitating Automation

Where manufacturing efficiency is concerned, HD plasma cutters don’t only offer high-degrees of accuracy, but also create more efficient manufacturing procedures through automation. This means that they can increase the speed of production while also ensuring uniform quality across manufacturing tasks.

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