Forging Vs Casting

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Metal forging and casting can at times be swapped for each other functionally to create a similarly effective quality product.  Because of this, the two types of processes are easily mixed up, and each is best suited for a different application, depending on the job at hand. That being said, the properties and finishing of each process can be vastly different. So what are the differences?

Forging Iron

When a part is forged, a piece of metal is being battered or beat into desired shape, while still in its complete solid form. This most certainly takes a lot of force to achieve, the larger the size of the metal part being forged, the greater the force needs to be exerted to have the same quality finish result. This being said, forging size is restricted by the size or overall capacity of the available equipment for forging. Metals which can be used in forging is most commonly, aluminum, steel, nickel, and copper. Once a product is forged, machining may be required to reach the desired final shape and dimensions to spec. Forged parts, generally, can be tougher than their cast counterparts

Casting Iron

Casting may be most practical for larger applications. Mainly because a more accurate shape can be obtained initially through casting than through forging, frequently only finishing production need to be completed on a cast part as opposed to a forged part. Metals best suited for casting are as follows; steel, brass, iron, aluminum and tin. Casting normally tends to be cheaper than forging, but yet there are many different methods of casting, like; investment casting; die casting; permanent mold; and vacuum process molding, all of which vary in pricing, tensile strength and cosmetic appearance.

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