Factors to Consider When Selecting Steel for Your Needs

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I’ve heard the question posed of what constitutes as a high quality steel allow, and often find this question a difficult one to answer. As steel manufacturers we understand that an alloy’s usefulness has a lot to do with how it is being used. Steel in varying grades come with differing properties, and it is the ability of these properties and how they are being used that makes the difference of how effective they are to you.

To this end, you might consider properties like strength, resistance and ductility, depending on where the steel is being used. So let’s have a look at how this affects the alloy.

Do You Need Strength?

If steel is being used for construction purposes, or where it is being used to produce anything that needs to support weight, it stands to reason that you will need an alloy that can provide you with strength.

Do You Need Corrosion Resistance?

Corrosive resistance is one of the best points to stainless steel, which is why it is often used for structures and products that are either being used outside, or are being used in the presence of electrolyte, conductive material. Galvanic corrosion can eat away at metals in very little time, which is why stainless steel is commonly used for electric gates and garages, or even geysers and boilers. Which brings me to my next point, temperature resistance.

Do You Need Temperature Resistance?

The ability for an alloy to withstand consistent exposure to high temperatures is something that stainless steel does very well. This is part of the reason why it is commonly used in boilers, for cooking equipment and geysers. It can withstand high temperatures without any warping or loss of integrity. So if you know your project requires an alloy that will be exposed to extreme temperatures, be sure that you use stainless steel that has a high resistance to temperatures.

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