Design for Shine: Stainless Steel Home Décor

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The interior design world is exploding with the use of various metals as beautiful design components – and stainless steel is no exception. With innovative design concepts and outside-the-box thinking paving the way for interior design feats, stainless steel is no longer just confined to kitchens, but reflecting off walls, floors, furniture and an array of design features throughout homes for an infusion of contemporary, modern and high-tech atmospheres.


Its Practical

Designers love materials that are both practical and aesthetically pleasing. Stainless steel offers the practicality of being resistant to corrosion and rust, making it a great material for any room in the home. As if that wasn’t enough, it requires little maintenance, is extremely durable and has the ability to endure high temperatures, all the while retaining its quality and look – provided it has been sourced from reputable steel manufacturers.

It Plays Well with Others

Stainless steel is effortlessly paired with other materials such as concrete, wood, tiles, carpet etc. Instead of dominating a room or overwhelming other design components, it generously flatters other materials by reflecting whatever design element they bring to the room. Wood for example, brings plenty of warmth, and when paired with steel, this warmth is simultaneously contrasted and reflected back.

How is it Used?

Wall features have become prominent this season and stainless steel can be used to create beautiful panelling over walls in unique and stunning patterns. Stairways have been accessorised with stainless steel with stunning results and stainless steel accents on furniture pieces have been popularised because of their bespoke feel.

Sourcing Quality Steel

For all stainless steel purposes, quality stainless steel should be sought. In this context, since stainless steel may form a functional art component within your home, it is important that it remains aesthetically appealing whilst retaining its unique properties (durable, corrosion and rust resistant etc.). For quality stainless steel and expert advice, contact Pure Stainless Steel

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