Deciding on a company to manufacture your stainless-steel products.

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Let’s chat about stainless steel. What determines the cost of stainless steel, how long its life expectancy is and the types of questions you should ask a stainless-steel manufacturing company before hiring them

What determines the cost of stainless steel?

Large amounts of chromium make up stainless steel and this is purely why it becomes quite expensive. Stainless steel resists rusting by the chromium forming a very thin layer of chromium oxide on the surface of the steel, making it last a lot longer than other steels and this pushes the price up.

How long does stainless steel last?

It all narrows down to the quality and grade of stainless steel you are using. Stainless steel with a grade of 316 is to have a life expectancy of 1200 years. In terms of household items such as utensils, it all depends on how well kept they are, they may last for generations to come. It ultimately depends on the environment in which stainless steel is kept.

What questions to ask a stainless-steel company?

What are the different shapes and forms that can be prepared with stainless steel? What are the main challenges your machines face? What is your average turn around time? What is the cost to manufacture? What type of stainless steel do they work with? What are the impurities added in the steel? These questions will wrap it up for you to decide which company would be best suited to manufacture your stainless steel for you.

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