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Designing Cat Ladders For Safety And Functionality

Cat ladders play a vital role when it comes to safe and efficient access to rooftops. Cat ladders, typically installed on the exterior of buildings, offer a secure means for individuals to reach elevated areas for maintenance, inspections, or other purposes. Pure Stainless Steel Manufacturers, a leading cat ladder manufacturer in Johannesburg, is at the […]

Quality Assurance In Industrial Steel Supply: Standards And Best Practices

In industrial steel supply in South Africa, the choice of a reliable supplier is paramount. Industrial steel, including stainless steel, mild steel, and special steel, serves as the backbone of countless industries, from manufacturing to construction. Quality assurance and adherence to industry standards are non-negotiable when it comes to procuring these materials. This article will […]

Mild Steel Manufacturers: Providing Reliable Solutions For Diverse Industries

Mild steel has consistently held a crucial place in the vast landscape of steel production due to its versatility, cost-effectiveness, and wide-ranging applications. Among the notable players in the field, Pure Stainless Steel Manufacturers stands out as a trusted supplier of mild steel products, known for its commitment to quality, customisation, and exceptional service. This […]

Pipe Rolling

Pipe rolling The words “pipe” and “tube” may appear to refer to the same thing, and they’re often used interchangeably when describing a long cylinder. However, there are many important differences between tubes and pipes. Knowing the difference when determining what you require for a particular project is essential.   Measurement The main difference between […]

Choosing the right stainless steel grade

Choosing The Right Stainless Steel Grade When planning your metal fabrication project, it’s essential to factor in corrosion to avoid unnecessarily high costs in the future. Grades 304 and 316 are the two most common stainless steel grades that meet essential anti-corrosion criteria. It’s worth comparing these austenitic steels to understand the differences and similarities, […]

Everything You Need to Know about Steel Profiling & Cutting

Steel shaping and cutting come with a number of challenges, typically related to the types of materials used. Steel, as we all know, is a fairly robust material, which is great in terms of the strength of the finished product it is being used in; but this can make the material quite difficult to shape. […]

Deciding on a company to manufacture your stainless-steel products.

Let’s chat about stainless steel. What determines the cost of stainless steel, how long its life expectancy is and the types of questions you should ask a stainless-steel manufacturing company before hiring them What determines the cost of stainless steel? Large amounts of chromium make up stainless steel and this is purely why it becomes […]

Choosing the right company to manufacture your stainless-steel products

It can be difficult to decide on the right company who has the machinery, skills and expertise to manufacture the correct stainless steel you require. We take a closer look at stainless steel to assist you in your purchase. What are the main categories of stainless steel? Austenitic is probably the most popular stainless steel, […]

Trust stainless steel, number one product

Stainless steel is a hard and strong substance, it is also magnetic and retains its strength. Stainless steel is a form of steel that contains chromium, which is resistant to tarnishing and rust. There is a thin layer of oxide on the surface which is called the “passive layer”, this layer prevents any corrosion on […]

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